A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones pocket book

A Game of Thrones pocket book

I knew Game of Thrones through the show… I think it is like almost 100% of the people who knows GOT, but ok. I was watching the show, so I stop in the middle of third season, only to read the books first.

I like the way we know the things through books, rather than through TV. I don’t know why, when I realized something new the feeling of realizing that, is better when I am reading. To tell this to my girlfriend that is waiting for me to finish all the books wasn’t so easy, but it is ok now.

Game of Thrones is considered the new Lord of The Rings, due to big and fantastic world created only to the novel, the linguistic cares and the almost no-end history. But, what I like more than anything is another interesting and well-know characteristic: the death of some important characters. Yes, I like this. I like because the history become less predictable, so, anything can happen.

My favorite character until now is Jon Snow (ohhhh so creative!), due this mystery that involves him. Who is Jon Snow actually? Could be even a Targaryen, why not? All we know he is Eddard Stark’s bastard son. For me it isn’t enough, it so bad explained and sooner or later we will know who he is (maybe there is already an answer and I don’t know because I’m late, but whatever…).

My other favorite and not so predictable character is Bran. At this stage everybody knows how much I like the Stark family, oh yeah! (so predictable!). Bran is different, as everybody knows, but I like mainly “his world”, where everything could happen and nothing is impossible or so strange as for adults. Maybe what enchants me is the fact he is a child and children has dreams, different of adults who think everything is difficult or impossible to do. Ah, when I was a kid, in my 9 or 10, I used to climb everything: trees, walls, trees mainly… hehe. How coincidence!

My disgusting character is Catelyn. I have, I swear, laziness when I am going to start her chapters. I’d like to kill her, personally. I’m kidding, ok? I’m not Joffrey.

Eddard Chapter - A Game of Thrones

Eddard Chapter – A Game of Thrones

Just a thing I’d like to share: Eddard Stark remind me Superman, maybe due his great honor, humility, greatness and justice sense. I like Superman a lot and Eddard was my favorite character in the beginning…

And, to finalize, the part of history that I like a lot is everything about the white walkers. I think they will do the difference when the war really begin!


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