The School for Robinsons

The School for Robinsons
Jules Verne

In Portuguese, the strange title "A Ilha Desconhecida" (The Unknown Island)

In Portuguese, the strange title “A Ilha Desconhecida” (The Unknown Island)

This was the first Jules Verne’s book I didn’t like. The story is weak and there is no surprise, everything is foreseeable. The characters are too simple, with no great deals and flat.

I read this book in Portuguese and the translated title is something like “The Unknown Island”. Due this, I was confused and I thought that this book and “The Mysterous Island” were the same. I was wrong, but I realized after, and maybe because this I was too disappointed. I’ve just bought this book thinking on that and was excited to read because I wanted to watch the movie, based on this book. Well, I will wait a little bit more to watch the movie.

Although everything, I think it is a good book to children and teenagers. The history is easy and someway engaging. If you are 20 or older, I don’t suggest.

My favorite phrase is in 118th page: “The teacher showed immense pleasure. Almost danced…”.
Tartelett was a character in the story, a supporting character. He was a dance teacher and since he was lost in the strange island, he lost his will to dance. Something good happened and he almost dance… It was funny to me!

p.s.: something that I’d like to share was the fact that I get sick when I started reading this book. Yes, I started to sneeze. The book was so old, acctualy published in 1972, and as I am alergic, I got the flu for 4 days, in other words, all the time I spent reading. Weird. 😉

Take a look at the situation of this book: yellow pages! I love it!

A ilha Desconhecida - The School for Robinsons