The Host

The Host
Stephanie Meyer

The Host - Stephenie Meyer

Once I read the Twilight book, by Stephanie Meyer, and I had not liked it. Too teen. My brother read also, but he loved it. It was close to his birthday, so I just bought all the Twilight collection books. He read all of them, watched the movies and yet in love with the history. I couldn’t.

I don’t know how much time after, his girlfriend gave him another Stephanie Meyer book, called The Host. We (me and my brother), were living together in that time, with our parents, so, eventually, I had seen the book sometimes. Since the first time I saw I had liked the cover and mainly the idea. I really love science fiction, but I was resistant about teen love histories, and mainly Stephanie Meyer. I think everybody when doesn’t like a book from some author, it is difficult to read another. But everyday I was seeing the book, on the table, on the bed, on the couch… suddenly I got myself reading. Ok, I just wanted to know how it was. Suddenly I was involved and I finished the book about three or four days after (I don’t have so much time to read as I’d like).

In summary, I loved it. It is completely different from Twilight saga, but with teen love, of course. The idea it is not so new, as Twilight was. ETs taking our bodies and living our lives it is not a completely new thing, but I really like the way Meyer thought about it. When you start reading it is confuse, because there is two different persons, characters, in the same body. In other words, a dialogue between one only person. It is strange, but after you get used to. As we can see reading the book, this kind of situation it wasn’t supposed to happen. When the attacker invades a human body, the human consciousness it was supposed to disappear. But It doesn’t happen with Melanie (Mel). According with the book she was so strong and loved so much her family, that she could stand alive inside her own body (that strange!), but only with thoughts, the controller of the body was of the invader. At least most part of the time…

The history had no really great actions scenes, but you feel tense all the time, at least I feel, due a certain kind of pity of the invader. Actually, the Mel’s invader. These invaders are different than these others that we get used to already. They are kind, polite, and come to our planet to live our lives in the right way (so lovely!). They continue living our lives but in a so good way that sounds utopia, and really is. And Mel invader, called Wanda (Wanderer), it is that lovely!

As we could imagine, Meyer’s most famous characteristic, she just thought a way to create a relationship between humans and ETs. Of course she could! Yeah! Can you imagine loving two different people? (Ok, some people here, in the earth, can do this, but we should think about the really love, the feeling, you know?). Mel and Wanda were the same person, actually they were two different people in the same body. Can you imagine the confusion now? And, of course, they loved two different men.

Due Mel memories, Wanda could reach the human resistance where they were hidden. Mel’s boyfriend and little brother, beyond her uncle Jeb and another relatives were living there, together. But they treated her with mistreatment as we could imagine.

Wanda’s history is one of the most interesting things in the book. As they can catch our bodies, they can catch bodies of anything alive as plants, spiders, dolphins. It is really curious how she describe her previous lives. It made me think about the Spiritism doctrine, codified by Allan Kardec. Would it have something to do with that? Our conscience and soul living many times in different bodies and ages? It is different, of course, but there is some similarities.

It was through her life’s history the humans started to like her. In the beginning, just after she reach the humans, they don’t like her, as I said. They thought Mel was dead and Wanda was pretending to be her (Mel) to attract them to her (Wanda) specie. Only Jeb and Mel’s little brother, Jamie, could see that Mel was inside Wanda. Here we realize something that I liked a lot: Jeb is one of the most old men in the human resistance, he is the boss, the main person there. He build everything (the hideout is really impressive). Jamie is a 14 years old, in other words, a naive child. Oldness and childhood have the same sensitive way. Experience and purity. I like to think about this. We are too hard when we are adults, too full of responsibilities that we lose our most deep feelings that we had when we were children, and, thanks God, it seems we get again in the third age.

Mel was in love for Jared, who was her boyfriend when she was captured. She never forgot him. But Wanda was inside Mel, with her own desires and feelings, and she fall in love with Ian. A love square?! That surprise! I never had heard about that before. That was not my preferred part, but it is really interesting how they solve the problem, despite to be foreseeable. It is funny too, when she start to kiss both all the time, and they know that… funny funny!

Now I miss Mel, Wanda, Ian and Jared, and somehow I finished the book liking more of Wanda them the humans, due her way to think and everything but badness. Maybe we should be like them…

p.s. I love you: The movie The Host by Andrew Niccol (2013) is not so good… Actually, it is not good at all. They focused a lot at the romance of Mel, Wanda, Ian and Jared. I think they wanted to make another Twilight movie, you know… but, they could not.